Ma Foom Bey

February 3, 2011

Track: Ma Foom Bey

Artist: Cultural Vibe

Year: 1986

Label: Easy Street Records

One of house music's first big hits, nothing before or after has ever sounded like Ma Foom Bey, brought to us by the Winston Jones project, Cultural Vibe.  The song was mixed and popularized by Tony Humphries at Club Zanzibar in Newark and soon after became a club hit in NYC.  A lot of its appeal is due to its super raw sound and minimal production.  The best description of the song I've heard is "one grumbling drum machine mounted by a burping synth."  Ma Foom Bey also features a hypnotic African-style chant which some say qualifies this as the earliest example of tribal house. 


not everybody understand,,,
house muzik is a spiritual thing ... a soul thing ####

.... minimal ,,, at only
114 bpm,,, incredible,,,!!!

Awesome post, but do you by any chance know in what language is the African chant?

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This site profiles my favorite classic house tracks. Most selections are from the 80s and 90s with a strong - but not exclusive - deep house, progressive and old school Chicago influence. I could never really warm up to acid house, overly ambient tracks, or anything that bumps >135bpm. Many have asked, but there's no consensus definition of classic house music...however Ishkur has an excellent guide to electronica music that can serve as a primer for anyone interested.  Some of the videos get pulled due to copyright issues - just search on YouTube since most stuff gets re-upped anyway.