High Frequency (Danny's Ballroom Edit)

April 9, 2014

Track: High Frequency (Danny's Ballroom Edit)

Artist: Deep Dish Presents Quench

Year: 1994

Label: TRIBAL America

I think this is the first Deep Dish track I've profiled, but for sure won't be the last. Deep Dish is the DC-based duo of Ali "Dubfire" Shirazinia and Sharam Tayebi. In case you don't know them, these dudes have been prolific producers since the 90s having remixed literally hundreds and hundreds of songs for a wide assortment of artists. On this particular track, Danny Tenaglia actually remixes one of their productions with great success. High Frequency (Danny's Ballroom Edit) has a laid back after-hours vibe - at the 5:30 mark, the organ chords drop for a chilled out house music experience. A quality track no doubt.

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/Deep-Dish-Presents-Quench-High-Frequency-After-Hours/release/29125

Steal Your Heart

March 27, 2014

Track: Steal Your Heart

Artist: Todd Edwards

Year: 1995

Label: 3rd Avenue Project

Not much more I can say about Todd Edwards and his distinctive style that I haven't touched on here, but worth profiling another classic track. Steal Your Heart samples vocals from Patrice Rushen's Where There Is Love (1982) and Rose Royce's Ooh Boy (1977). It's quintessential Todd Edwards - filled up sound with stitched samples and breaks laid over a round bassline. It's simultaneously jumpy and frenetic yet smooth. By the way, Todd Edwards is still making great music (peep his SoundCloud) - My favorite track of his (in more recent years) is Echo Of The Past.


Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/Various-3rd-Avenue-Project/release/198863

Tried So Hard (Vocal Mix)

March 22, 2014

Track: Tried So Hard (Vocal Mix)

Artist: Bobby Pruitt

Year: 1993

Label: Murk Records

Nearly everything Oscar G and Ralph Falcon touched turned to gold in the 90s - all the more incredible when you consider that they were basically inventing a new sound. Tried So Hard was released under Bobby Pruitt's name (who provides the vocals) and features the trademark MURK sound: a bassline deeper than the ocean with hi-hats and synth hooks that somehow combine for a dark, space-like sound. This track is a bit of an exception with male vocals, but it works quite well. Altogether, another ageless classic.

For a nicely executed twist on this classic, check out this edit by Daniele Testatonda and check out the rest of his SoundCloud while you're at it, very good stuff.

In A Vision

March 6, 2014

Track: In A Vision

Artist: Virgo

Year: 1989

Label: Trax Records / Radical Records

I wrote a bit about Chicago house duo Virgo 3 years ago when profiling School Hall. If you like their style, you'll really enjoy the entire LP. In A Vision represents the prototypical Virgo sound - outer space galactic vibe laced with haunting synth strings. It's hypnotically rhythmic and thought provoking at the same time, just very cool all around. Based on this interview, their tools of the trade are the Roland Juno 2 keyboard and the Roland 505 drum machine. The duo parted ways in 2011 according to this post.

Discogs (1): http://www.discogs.com/Virgo-Four-Do-You-Know-Who-You-Are/release/2252  Discogs (2): http://www.discogs.com/Virgo-Virgo/master/85697 

Work It To The Bone

March 2, 2014

Track: Work It To The Bone

Artist: LNR

Year: 1987

Label: House Jam Records / Profile

We're close to 200 songs deep and there's still a few real classics left unmentioned. One of these would be Work It To The Bone, first released in 1987 by the Chicago duo of LNR (Larry Thompson and Rick Lenoir). Unmistakable would be the word that comes to mind when listening to this track. "C'mon let's work it to the bone" is the vocal that sets things off, with the signature analogue drum patterns kicking in by the third word. Those drums were tribal before tribal house was a thing (much like Ma Foom Bey) and the vocals are completely hypnotic in their relentless repetitiveness. Bare bones as it may be, Work It To The Bone is a flawless execution and none of the 500 remixes later has really surpassed the original as far as I'm concerned.

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/LNR-Work-It-To-The-Bone/master/144707

So I listened to about 40 different mixes on YouTube and Soundcloud and decided I like this one best if you're looking for a modern interpretation. It's courtesy of Toronto-based Joe De Simone (@sublevelmusic) of http://www.sublevelmusic.com/ Great stuff!

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